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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Garith M__________ letters

In writing last term we learned about a cat hater, Garith Morgan. We wrote to him saying if we were with him or not. Here is my letter. The lines mean you don't need to know that bit.

Miss Brooke _____________
Oaklands School
Christchurch 8025

Garith  _____________

Dear Mr M

I have heard you want New Zealand to be cat free. I have to say I disagree, I have 3 reasons why.

Firstly cats are very quiet pets. They will not annoy the neighbours and the owner. This makes them good to keep because... they will not go next door or wake people up.

My second reason is if cats go there will be more rats and mice. People hate rats and mice. They eat things out of your cupboards. If cats are gone there would probably be a rat in the classroom now. Rats and mice also carry and spread disease.

The last reason is if we are going to keep cats we can keep them outside. You can keep them in a barrerd place outside. Which will mean the birds will not go.

So I think cats should stay.

Yours sincerely

Brooke ________________