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Friday, 21 June 2013

Dolphin info report

Here is my dolphin info report sorry about the wait



Dolphins are blue, but Hectors dolphins are black and white. Dolphins can stay underwater for 15 minutes. Hectors dolphins are favourite  mammals for a lot of people, especially visitors to NZ. Dolphins travel in pods. A pod is a family of dolphins.


Dolphins live in the oceans and rivers. They go in shallow waters. This can be called ocean, river, shallow water or sea.

What the dolphin looks like

The dolphin has fins to swim  with. Their tails are mostly made of muscles. They have a very large brain.

How does the dolphin move

There tail goes up and down to help the dolphin move. They can swim on there belly, back and sides. The dolphin can swim very very fast.

What the dolphin eats

The dolphin's favourite food is fish and squid.

interesting facts

Compared to other mammals, dolphins are thought to be very intelligent.
The killer whale is actually a type of dolphin.
The bottlenose dolphins are the most common and well known type of dolphin.
Female dolphins are called cows, male dolphins are called bull's and young dolphins are called calves.


Over all I think dolphins are a awesome mammal and very friendly. This is why we should care for them with all of our hearts.


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