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Friday, 21 June 2013



One day my teacher and the teacher from next door hade a voice fight.(this was to show us what conflict is)We did not know this. There was a piece of black tape down the cloak bay. During lunch break our teachers made a mess in the cloak bay. The after lunch they started saying that it was us and no it was them. Our teacher told us to sit down and silent read.(I was shaking) Then the teacher from next door said I would like you guys to come in and I will say sorry. He then said to us how did you feel come up with some words. I said Scared, shaking, frightened, hulk like, not cool, vilent, kicking, rage, fighting, teeth chitering, mad, mean, angry, shouting, bucet dipping, rude, nail biting, throwing, different, freaked out, surprised, awkward and scared of the other teacher who was my teacher last year. This wad horried to be there I thought it was real and to those two teacher you creaped me out.

Then we made our own video's and learned about different shots.

Animal words

Then we learned about the words that are very inporent. We learned about the different animals.

Orana wildlife park

We also went to Orana wildlife park to look at animals so we made posters and are going to ask the staff if we can put them up. Now we are fundraising for them. Tayeshan, Jessica and I are going to be going to the Licoln Saturday Market to fundraise for adopt a animal. We have not yet started. So please come to the Saturday Market in Lincoln NZ Canturberry.


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