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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wall sits and star jumps recount

Wall sits and star jumps

Why did we do this?
On Monday the 9th of September Room12 went out for fitness. We sis wall sits and star jumps. We did this so we could use awesome words in this recount. We were outside our class room on a cold but sunny day. 

First we went to line up. I was scared that what was about to happen. Then we went to line up along the wall. 

Now we had to bend down without knees together and our backs against the wall and sit like we were in a chair. My heart was burning and my legs were stretching, when I had finished.

Next we jotted down similes and metaphors to describe our experience. One of things I wrote down was "my legs were stretching and my heart was pumping". 

After that we spread out to do star jumps. I did 100. I was really tired. It was as if I'd  run up a steep hill!

At the end I was puffing as fast as the wind. I was puffing my heart out. Even though the session was awesome, it's not something I'd like to repete in a hurry.

(Normally I don't mind fitness. I'd say I put up with it. But that day, fitness was wonderful.

By Brooke

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