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Thursday, 24 October 2013


On Monday and Tuesday I wrote some poems.
Here they are...


Trees are green
Trees are strong
Wind will come
Trees will blow

Trees will come
tumberling down
to the ground.


Whiteboard white
and strong
Writing all day

Use your imagination
Write and play
and have fun
all day.

Sunny Day

Wake up one morning
Sun shinning bright
Much to do on
a sunny day
Run round like
a jack in a box


Here comes Summer dashing
threw the sun but gets a fright when
Altum comes.

Altum's running around
no now he's fell into
red golden rusty leaves
Now Altum's gone
what is next.

Winter's here in the
chilly breaze throwing
snow balls,as he moves to
the next house he sees
a sudden flower sprout and
he's gone in a tick.

Spring is here she is
having fun running in
the flowers,now summers
here,her job is done till next

Summers here running around
in the summer sun playing ball
I can't wait till next year.

By Brooke

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