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Friday, 4 April 2014

Choose your culture treat it four ways

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting. We are able to share our culture identities through the arts.


1. I chose the Australia culture as my subject for my painting. I reasearched icons of Australia and I chose Ayers Rock (the sand rock) because it's the sand rock of Australia.

2. I have learned about Andy Warhole and pop art. Pop art is popular art. Andy Warhole paints popular art. I also learned about the colour wheel.

Primary colours- Red,Yellow,Blue.
Secondary colours- made by mixing primary colours.
Completmentary colours- colours that are opposite  on the colour wheel.
Analagous colours- 3 colours that are side by side on the colour wheel.
Monochrome colours- shades of one colour.

3. We drew our icon on a plain piece of paper. Then we got our big piece of paper and flipped the paper and traced over it four times. Next we chose the colours that we would use  in each corner. I chose blue and orange,yellow,black and white and green,light blue and dark blue.

4. After that we painted our icons. Then we let it dry. When it was dry we used a vivid to do the outline and the lines in the middle. We were done after that.

I think my painting ended up very well at the end and I think I'm up to Relational because I have several elements in my painting and I have used the right colours eg. Primary colours.

By Brooke

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