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Thursday, 22 May 2014

My 100 Word Challenge

This is my 100 Word Challenge. We had to write a persuasive piece of writing to tell World Leaders that they need to keep their promise and put all children in Schools. Our class did not have to do this I chose to. This is my piece of writing saying why Lucy needs to go to School.

Dear World Leaders

Lucy needs to go to School because she needs to get a great education, to help her in the future. If Lucy doesn't go to School she will have trouble getting jobs and staying in safe healthy home in the future. She needs to learn to do things. The Schools need people who can help Lucy. Lucy is a hard working girl who deserves to go to School. Schools need transport for the wounded. Lucy could have a fantastic future from Schools when she is young. You can help.

By Brooke

Thanks for reading.

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