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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Narrative

In writing we have been writing Narratives. 3 things you need in a Narrative: *Writing features *Beginning,Middle and End *A Soloution. Here is my Narrative. 

Have you ever heard the story about the ghost and the evil birds? Well I have. It all started with an ohhh,a ghost tries to cause problems. WHIP the window whips open and the ghost flys out. Oh this was on a stormy night. The next morning the relaxing bird wallpaper changed. A bird changed position and all of a sudden that bird flew out the window, then the rest of them flew out the window too. They were evil birds and destroyed the houses first. Oh no the birds destroyed all other things like shops, the Cathedral and going out places. The only things left were some potion, cages and people. So the vets gave the birds the potion and put them in cages and they were good now. 

And that is my Narrative.

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