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Friday, 18 March 2016

PALs-Merit Blog Post Can Do 3

On Thursday I ran a PALs game with my PALs group for the Kauri Team. We ran a game of 50/50. How you play 50/50 is there is a king on one line and the rest of the people lined up on the other line. The King says a number 5 or below and pass's it to the first person in line, whatever number they say is how many bounces they can take. Then they shoot if they get it in the kings takes a shoot and if the king gets it in aswell he/she stays being the king but if they miss then the person who got it in gets to be the king. Then the game goes on and on.

I wore my orange vest and handed out pozis to some of the students who were trying their best and giving it a go. We ran the game on the basketball court. People were giving it their best shot and even if they missed getting it through the hoop they kept playing. When I gave them their pozi they still kept playing.
I was showing leadership by turning up to my duty on time as we only run a game at the second half of lunch, so I went to my duty once I had finished helping out at junior dance.

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