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Monday, 12 May 2014

Writing Children' book W.A.L.T Understand the structure of a narrative.

On Tuesdays we have a different teacher. We do different writing on Tuesdays. We have been writing children's storys.
We first did a plan.
Then got the teacher to cheak it.
After that we started writing.
Next we got the teacher to look and mark it again.
Then we started publishing.

So here is my story.

The fairies in the dark

In a faraway magical land there lived 5 fairies Green Fairy, Red Fairy, Mummy Fairy, Daddy Fairy and Sister Fairy they were in their house when...

THE POWER WENT OUT. It went black. Daddy fairy tried as had as he could to get the power working. But nothing happened.

Then Red and Green fairy came to help. They were having a hard time working the power.

The fairies tried again. They were trying their best to help their family. BANG!!! The power came on all of a sudden.

Their family cheered and chanted. They were so happy.

So from then on Daddy fairy did not fix the power. Red and Green fairy did.


What:  W.A.L.T Understand the structure of a narrative.
So What: I learned about the structure of a narratives and children's storys.

Thanks for reading 


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