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Thursday, 25 September 2014

STOP,DROP,WRITE The Barn Crumble

Last week we had a writers week. We did STOP,DROP,WRITE .
I made a story called The Barn Crumble.
We had words we had to put in it. Here is mine.


The Barn Crumble

CRASH the barn came crumbling down. I was so scared, I  was trapped inside.
All I had was a cut down my arm. But it  hurt.
Oh there is some rope. I could it around and see if someone would come.
I did so.  I even tried screaming.
No one came. So I screamed louder and louder, I threw the rope around and finally someone came.
They chucked all the pieces of the barn around. To try and find where I was.
They finally found me. I was really scared, but happy that some people came.
I thanked that those people so much. I was going to be stuck there for awhile with no food and water.
I was so thankful for what they did. And guess who it was my Family.
They saved me. I had to clean up.
A week or two after I helped re-build the barn and it was safe to go inside. We found out that it was a 8.5 magnitute earthquake.
The barn is now earthquake proof.

That is my STOP,DROP,WRITE story.

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