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Friday, 17 October 2014

100 WC

17.10.14    Today we did the 100 World challenge.
The prompt this week is ...I could not believe the smell...

I was walking past an odd shaped building,  shaped like a sour lolly.
How could I resist it? I ran in, WOW  I could not believe the smell.
The sour lolly smell made me feel like I was in Heaven.
I saw sour, colourful lollies in bags on shelves.
I ran up to them, but a security guy appeared out of no where and stopped me and threw me out.
I was so close to getting so many sour lollies.
He came up to me and gave me a bag of sour lollies, and said " You're a brave girl".
I was thinking what was that all about?

By Brooke

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