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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

First pals game term 2 2015

As some of you know I am a pal at my school.

P yhysical
A ctivity
L eader

P.A.LS is when some of the year 7/8 students at school run a game for other students and people our age. You are in groups that a teacher has put us in. There is a chart saying when your duty is. I find the chart very helpful as you know when your turn is.

Today my group was on and we ran a game of octopus. People still came to join in even though it was cold outside. We put out cones to show the area that we were running the game in. As we are P.A.LS we are still aloud to join in and play aswell but still keeping an eye on people who are playing well. I had a great time out there running the aswell as playing the game.

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