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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

update on must dos

Around the year 7/8 area of the school we have can dos and must dos we do.
To get an award you need to do some can dos and all must dos.
I am talking about my must dos today.

If someone talks to me on the bus that is not next to me I remind them to only talk to the person beside them. I only talk to the person beside me unless I am quietly reminding someone to talk to the person beside them.

Around the school I show leadership by
  • Picking up rubbish
  • Not talking in assembly
  • Walking around the school quietly when it is class time
At tech I listen to the tech teachers and our teachers. I listen to people when they are talking.

At Kauri team advents I cheer people on and listen to instructions.

I am a role model to younger students by playing sensibly and using the C.A.R.E values and our School rules.

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