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Saturday, 5 March 2016

PAL's-Merit Blog Post Can Do 1

On Thusday I had PAL's for the Kauri team. I had to run it by myself because one person was on year 7 camp and the other person didn't turn up. I ran a game of dodge ball. There were a few students who I had to explain to them that they couldn't play because they weren't in the Kauri Team. But other than that most people played by the rules and fairly. After the game had finished some people helped me pack up and I thanked them but I had no pozi's with me so I told them to see the next time I was running a PAL's game for the Kauri team to get a Pozi.

1 way I was showing leadership was by being Goal Focused because I was not going off and talking to my fiends and letting the game go out of control.

PAL stands for Physical acivity leader.

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